Advanced Testing Techniques — A 2 day course

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There are many testing techniques available to the tester however they are rarely taught from the practitioner's point of view. Rather than provide an overview of as many techniques as possible this course focuses on the most useful techniques that will give a measurable benefit when implemented on a testing project.

The techniques are taught using examples and exercises based on real project experience. Testers will return to work with a working knowledge of the techniques taught on this course.

Suitable For

Functional testers who are involved in creating manual or automated test procedures who wish to expand their ability to use both analytical and empirical test techniques.


To get the most from this course attendees would benefit from already having experience in identifying test objectives from specifications and in creating formal test procedures. Attendees should consider attending the courses Practical Test Design and Practical Testing Processes prior to attending this course.

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Requirements testing

Classification trees for equivalence partitioning

Boundary value analysis

Decision table testing and cause effect graphing

State transition testing

Non-systematic testing techniques

Test technique selection