Implementing a Testing Centre of Excellence — A 1 day course

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A central, shared testing team has many attractions for a business and can provide an attractive option for improving the testing function - yet reducing costs. To set up a Testing Centre of Excellence can be expensive and time consuming. If the Centre of Excellence is set up correctly, these costs will be minimized and the business will quickly recoup these costs and achieve extensive additional benefits. There are many steps to achieving the goal of a Centre of Excellence.

This workshop will detail how a successful Centre of Excellence can be set up, will relate the criteria to attendees own requirements and show how to contain the costs; and the organisational requirements needed for success.

The workshop will cover issues, objections and obstructions often encountered when setting up a Centre of Excellence, and will provide answers and counter arguments that have been effective in successful Centre of Excellence projects.

The advantages that a Testing Centre of Excellence will deliver to a business and to a testing project are described and detailed. The differences and specific advantages delivered by an in-house and an outsourced Testing Centre of Excellence are shown and calculated.


On completion of this course, attendees will:

Suitable For

Quality assurance engineers, Test Managers, Project Managers.


There are no pre-requisites for this course.

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What is a Testing Centre of Excellence?

The key components of a Testing Centre of Excellence