Introduction to Test Environment and Data Management — A 1 day course

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Recent surveys have shown that environment issues consume 40% of testers' and developers' time.

Creating suitable environments for development and test phases across the software development lifecycle can be a complex, costly and time-consuming activity if not understood and managed effectively. Therefore it is not surprising that environments are frequently neglected.

However well organised and managed environments can have significant benefits in terms of costs and time, for both the testing and development phases and ultimately to the quality and responsiveness delivered to the business.

This broad one day introductory tutorial explores the elements needed to successfully implement and manage your test environments.


On completion of this course, attendees will gain an understanding of the aspects involved with test environment management. The course will prime attendees to explore how test environments are managed within their organisations and techniques and ideas to improve their delivery.

Suitable For

Release Managers, Configuration Managers, Change Managers, Service Transition Managers, Service Improvement Managers, Test Managers, Test Environment Managers, Production Support teams involved with supporting development and test environments


Attendees should have a general understanding of application development and testing lifecycles and IT infrastructure.

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Understand what and Why we need quality test environments

Learn how to build, manage and control test environments across hardware, software and data

Understand how to develop a test environment strategy and develop environment management as a service

Learn about tools that are available to support environment management processes

Build a business case for investment