Practical Test-Driven Development — A 1 day course

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This tutorial, which builds on the Introduction to Acceptance Test-Driven Development course, is aimed at developers and technical agile testers and enable them to take TDD principles and practices beyond Unit Testing so that testers, customers and product owners can steer their projects at the level of requirements and user stories.

Through a series of practical exercises, we enable students to translate business requirements into user stories directly supported by automated acceptance tests, and use those tests to drive the implementation of system functionality.

This is a hands-on tutorial with coding exercises in C#.NET, using the best open-source testing tools for TDD, including FIT, FitNesse, and NUnit. (For non-technical team members interested in learning TDD, we recommend our course Introduction to Acceptance Test-Driven Development.)


On completion of this course attendees will be capable of applying Test-Driven Development on their projects, and will have gained hands-on experience of FIT, Fitnesse & NUnit by designing and implementing automated tests in C#. Through interactive sessions they will have gained practical exposure to the TDD processes of:

Suitable For

Developers and technical testers on agile teams who wish to gain practical experience of the process of developing software driven by automated acceptance and unit tests.


For those who are new to Agile development practices, we recommend our 1 day course 'Introduction to Agile Testing'. Students should have experience of object-oriented .NET development using C#. Experienced assistants will be on hand to help students who are not 'serious coders' but still want to learn more about how TDD works in practice in a .NET environment.

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TDD and Agile Software Development in context

The TDD Cycle - from card to conversation to code to confirmation

Moving from stories to acceptance tests in FIT & Fitnesse

Automating acceptance tests by coding FIT fixtures

Effective unit testing with the NUnit framework

Implementing and refactoring Test-Driven code in C#