Solaris Live Upgrade Workshop — A 1 day course

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The Solaris Live Upgrade Workshop provides advanced upgrading and patching capabilities on Solaris SPARC and Intel platforms, especially since the 10/08 update 6 release, which introduced ZFS root pools.

Boot environments can now be almost instantly cloned for upgrading or patching while the system is live, and once the upgrade or patching is done, only a reboot is required to complete the task. The old boot environment acts as a backup to fall back to in case of problems.

This one-day training course provides a thorough and practical look at Live Upgrade for both upgrading the OS and installing patches. The course utilises both SPARC and Intel systems for the practical sessions, covering both UFS and ZFS boot environments. Additional Live Upgrade facilities are also demostrated, such as the ability to install a boot environment from a Flash Archive.

The course is run using both SPARC and Intel servers. Each student will have exclusive use of a SPARC server to configure and test, and access to an Intel based system. Each attendee will be provided with their own set of comprehensive notes.


Attendees must have Solaris experience including systems administration and IP network configuration. In particular, knowledge of system disk configuration, file system creation, Solaris installation, ZFS file system operation, and patching is essential.

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What is Live Upgrade? An introduction to the major facilities of Live Upgrade, including:-

System Requirements and planning

Create a BE with lucreate

Upgrade a BE to a new OS version with luupgrade

Other uses for luupgrade

Activation of a BE, booting issues, and reverting back to a previous BE

Using ZFS as a root pool in Solaris 10 U6

Additional Utilities