Managing Solaris 10 for Experienced Solaris 8 and 9 Systems Administrators — A 3 day course

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This course presents the essential differences between administrating Solaris 8 or Solaris 9 and the Solaris 10 Operating System. The course also covers skills and tasks that are new or amended in Solaris 10.


By the end of the course the delegate should be able to administer services with the Service Management Facility, describe features of Multiterabyte UFS, manage patches with the Sun Update Connection Services, configure various security features, create RAID volumes with the Solaris Volume Manager, create and manage ZFS file systems, control Log file rotation, manage Flash Archives for installation, install updates with the Live Upgrade feature and describe other differences between Solaris 10 and older Solaris versions.

The delegate will practice:

Suitable For

This Managing Solaris 10 for Experienced Solaris 8 and 9 Systems Administrators course is aimed at IT staff who need to understand the essential differences in carrying their current tasks in a Solaris 10 environment.


Recent experience administering Solaris 8 or Solaris 9. Experience or knowledge of managing disk partitions and UFS file systems, managing packages and patches from the command line, Jumpstart installation and basic management of disk volumes with the Solaris Storage Manager (SVM).

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Course Introduction

Service Management Facility (SMF)

Disk and File Management

Solaris Volume Manager (SVM)


Software Management

Sun Connection Services and Patch Management

Managing Flash Archives

Using Live Upagrade

User Management and Security

Networking Services

Miscellaneous Features

Zone (optional topic, depending on time)

GRUB (optional topic, depending on time)