Solaris 11 Systems Administration Part 2 — A 5 day course

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This Solaris System Administration training course will provide delegates with practical experience of configuring various aspects of an Oracle Solaris 11 system. This course extends the skills a delegate will have gained from attending the Solaris System Administration - Part 1 course.

Delegates will cover more specialised tasks such as configuring network failover, Zones, Role Based Access Control (RBAC), managing system performance and also gaining other skills which will help with preparing for the Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator (1Z0-822).

This course is comparable with the Oracle D72967GC20 Advanced System Administration for the Solaris 11 Operating System course.


Administering Solaris systems involves many specialised tasks including; monitoring system events with syslog, performing network installations, dealing with various aspects of the network environment and assigning system roles to users. Delegates taking this class will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to perform these tasks.

The delegates will practise:

Suitable For

TThis Solaris 11 System Administration - Part II course is aimed at IT staff responsible for administering a networked server in a local area network, running the Oracle Solaris operating environment. It will extend their skills beyond basic administration tasks.

Follow-on Courses

Solaris Advanced Shell Programming Tools


Knowledge up to the level of Solaris System Administration - Part I course is required. Shell Programming knowledge is beneficial but not essential. This skill can be gained by attending the Shell Programming course.

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London — £1995 (+VAT)


Course Introduction

Configuring the Image Packaging System IPS

Installing Solaris 11 Using the Automated Installer

Configuring SMF

Virtual Networks


Configuring Networks And Network Failovers

ZFS AND Data Storage

Role Based Access Control (RBAC)



Dump File Configuration

Monitoring and Managing Performance

Process Priorities and Classes