Introduction to SysML — A 1 day course

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The Systems Modeling Language (SysML) is the OMG standard for supporting Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). The SysML provides a number of diagrams, and elements which address the needs of expressing the structural and behavioural characteristics of a system as well its requirements and constraints.

This course provides a succicent overview of the purpose, usage and most common notation associated with each the SysML diagrams.

This course provides a practical understanding of how systems can be modelling using the OMG's Systems Modeling Language (SysML). The notation and underlying semantics of SysML are explained using practical examples so that delegates can apply what they learn to any suitable system modelling method or tool.

What The Course Doesn't Cover: How to build SysML models.



Introduction to System Modelling

Package Diagrams

Use Case Diagrams

Sequence Diagrams

Activity Diagrams

State Machine Diagrams

Block Definition Diagrams

Internal Block Diagrams

Parametric Diagrams

Requirement Diagrams

Suitable For

Those who wish to be able to read basic SysMl or diagrams or wish to gain a basic understanding of the language in order to evaluate its suitability for use on a project or within an organisation.


Delegates who wish to attend this course are not required to have any prior exposure to system modelling but should have a solid grasp of document centric systems engineering techniques.

The course does not require the use of a computer, as all the exercises are paper based.