Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with UML — A 3 day course

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A practical introduction to object-oriented analysis and design, and how OOAD can use the Unified Modelling Language.

The course presents UML in the context of OO analysis and design, showing how the various UML diagrams can be applied at different stages.

The emphasis is on how UML is used, rather than simply what it is.

In addition, there is a chapter on phased iterative development, as exemplified by the Rational Unified Process. Even if delegates are not going to use the RUP in their own projects, it is useful to see how OOAD and UML can fit into a development methodology.

What The Course Doesn't Cover: OO programming, traditional analysis and design.

Suitable For




Anyone interested in learning how UML is used in the design and analysis phases of OO projects

This course can be presented as a general introduction to OOAD, or it can be slanted more towards the analysis phase (if the delegates are primarily analysts) or the design phase (if the delegates are primarily programmers).

If the course is being presented to programmers, topics can be tied in to code examples. Hardware and software requirements for delivering this course at your site


OO Concepts

Introduction to UML

OO Analysis and Design

Use Cases

Dynamic Modelling

Static Modelling


OO Development Processes