Unix Advanced Shell Programming Tools — A 3 day course

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This course is designed to give delegates practical experience using a range of UNIX tools to manipulate text and incorporate them into UNIX shell scripts.

The delegate will practice:


To provide the knowledge and skills to make effective use of a wide range of standard UNIX programming and development tools.

Suitable For

Programmers, developers and system administrators who need to construct shell scripts using advanced text handling facilities.


Completion of the Unix Introduction and Unix Shell Programming courses, or equivalent knowledge

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London — £1295 (+VAT)


Redirection, Pipes and Filters

Backup and Restore Utilities

Background Job Scheduling

Regular Expression Notation

Searching Files for Patterns

The Stream Editor - sed

Commands for Comparing Files

File Manipulation Commands

Identify and Translate Characters

Sorting Files

Introduction to the Pattern Scanning Utility - awk

awk Program Control Structures