Unix Introduction — A 3 day course

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This course introduces the delegate to the main concepts of the UNIX Operating System. The most commonly used commands and utilities are described in detail as are the command line wildcard and redirection facilities. The mechanisms by which a user acquires a login environment are discussed and the main features of the Korn/Posix/Bash Shells are introduced. The delegates will practise:


To provide the skills needed to work productively in the UNIX environment.

Suitable For

Anyone who needs to understand and use the UNIX Operating System.


Experience of IT and an understanding of operating systems is required.

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London — £1125 (+VAT)


Introduction to the Unix Operating System

Basic Commands

Redirection and Pipes

Introduction to The vi Editor

Searching and Replacing Text

Recalling and Editing Commands

File Permissions and Access Control


More Basic Commands

The User Environment