Unix System Administration — A 5 day course

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This course is designed to give delegates practical experience in the administration of a SVR4 compatible Unix System. Practical work will concentrate on the basic SVR4 commands rather than vendor-specific administration menu driven or GUI tools.

The delegates will practise:


To provide the knowledge and skills needed to maintain successful day-to-day operation of a UNIX system.

Suitable For

IT staff responsible for the maintenance and day-to-day running of a SVR4 compatible UNIX system.

Typically, where several different versions of UNIX systems are supported and the delegate needs knowledge of administration procedures common to all that adhere to SVR4 standards.


The course assumes knowledge of the Unix Operating System to the level covered in the Unix Introduction course. Some shell programming experience may also prove advantageous; this can be gained on the Unix Shell Programming course.

Publicly scheduled dates, locations, and prices

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London — £1795 (+VAT)


The Administrator's Role

Account Management

Login Files

Background Jobs

File System Administration

File Access

Backup and Restore Facilities

Managing Swap Space

Terminals and Printers

System Startup and Shutdown

Basic Networking

Performance Management

Kernel Configuration

Software Installation


General Housekeeping