VMware Cloud Certification

There are two VMware Cloud Certifications available:

Detailed below are descriptions of each and suggested courses to undertake prior to attempting certification.

VMware Certified Professional - Cloud (VCP-Cloud)

VCP-Cloud certification is an entry level certification that will establish your expertise in managing and monitoring cloud environments. Certification will confirm your ability to install, configure and administer a cloud environment using vCloud Director and other related components.

People aiming for this certification should have an understanding of basic cloud concepts including public, private and hybrid clouds, multitenancy and cloud security.

They should also be able to plan, configure and administer a vCloud infrastructure. They should be able to extend vSphere virtualization throughout the Cloud by creating and managing vApps, service catalogues, organization and provider VDC's.

Finally they should be able to administer cloud enabled networking and storage.

There are two paths to earning your VCP-Cloud certification. Path 2 is for those who do not hold any prior VMware certification.

Path 1

Be a VMware Certified Professional 5 - Data Center Virtualization (VCP5-DCV)

Pass the IaaS Exam

The following course is suggested to help you prepare but is not required:

Path 2

If you have no prior VMware certification then the following course is required:

Then you must pass the VCP-Cloud Exam

Preparing for the Exam

The VCP-Cloud exam format:

VMware offers a free practice exam that gives you an idea of how the questions are asked i.e. multiple choice. It's important to pay attention to how many answers they are asking you to tick. Use the process of elimination if you're not sure.

Setting up your Lab:

Study Tips:

VMware Certified Advanced Professional - Cloud Infrastructure Design (VCAP-CID)

VCAP-CID certification will validate your ability to:

To obtain your VCAP-CID certification, you must have at least one of the following certifications:

And pass the VCAP-CID exam.

While there are no required training courses the following will help your exam preparation:

Preparing for the Exam

As is the case for all VMware exams, the exam Blueprint will be a very important document for your preparation

The VCAP-CID exam does not allow you to go back to review questions, this is a change that was recently put in place for the VCAP-DCD exam as well making time management all the more critical.

Design exams like the VCAP-CID and VCAP-DCD are really difficult so experience, not only in virtualization, but also in storage and networking and IT project management is highly recommended.

The vSphere Design Workshop course is also helpful in preparing for the VCAP-DCD exam because it answers many questions related to the "why?" side of design.

Blueprint for the VCAP-CID exam can be downloaded from here.

For more info on the VCP-Cloud and VCAP-CID exams check out Tom Fojta's Blog.

VCAP Certifications in the IT Job Market

Based on the most current data available to date from ITJobsWatch, the average salary offered to VMware Certified Advanced Professionals across the UK, not including London is £45,000. 90% of the jobs surveyed offered salaries of £37,500 or higher, and 10% of the jobs used to calculate the national average offered salaries of more than £70,000. In London the average salary jumps to £50k.

In the same survey the average UK contractor rates reported were £300 per day, which is on par with London.

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