VMware End User Certification

We offer two VMware Desktop Virtualization Certifications:

VMware Certified Professional 5 - Desktop (VCP5-DT)

VCP-DT is an entry-level certification in the VMware Desktop Certification hierarchy.

The purpose of this certification is to identify users and administrators who have a proven level of expertise in managing and monitoring VMware View environments. It's a way of demonstrating your ability to install and configure the View environment and to enable View client users.

The skill set you should have before embarking on this certification is the ability to implement, install, configure and troubleshoot a VMware View environment, as well as configuring the underlaying vSphere environment.

There are two paths to earning your VCP5-DT certification. Path 1 is for those holding no prior VMware certification, while path 2 is for those who already hold either VCP5-DCV or VCP-Cloud certification.

Path 1

You must attend at least one required training course:



You must then pass the VMware VCP-Desktop (VCPD510) Exam

Path 2

If you already hold VCP5-DCV or VCP-Cloud certification then you must pass the VMware View (VCP510-DT) Exam

There is no required training for path 2, however the courses required for path 1 will certainly still prove helpful. In addition to this the following course is also helpful for those pursuing either path to VCP5-DT certification but is not required:

Preparing for the Exam:

The best way to prepare for the VCP-DT exam is to study the Blueprint. Download the blueprint here.

Watch VCP-DT instructional videos click here.

Take the VCP-DT Practice Exam click here.

VCP5-DT Security, Administration, Installation, and Architecture Guide study notes in PDF can be downloaded from:-


Visit here for a PDF of the VMware View Architecture Planning Document.

VMware Certified Advanced Professional - Desktop Design (VCAP-DTD)

To recognise advanced individuals who want to enhance their skills and abilities in Desktop virtualization specifically around the design.

The skill set for those architects who are able to design, plan and optimise VMware View Solutions understand VMware View core components and their relation to the datacentre, as well as applying View design methodologies and principles.

In order to obtain this level of certification you must already be certified in either:

While there is no required training for taking the VCAP-DTD Exam the following VMware courses are recommended to help your exam preparation:

Or it is possible to take our VMware View: Desktop Fast Track (the fast track includes all three courses listed above)

Preparing for the Exam:

The VCAP-DTD exam blueprint can be downloaded here:

The VCAP-DTD exam covers a very broad spectrum. Experience is crucial for passing it. There are a lot of scenario-based questions so any experience having done this in the real world will be an advantage.

You will want to know View inside and out. The exam is all about showing that you can design a View environment. One or two years experience working with View, especially in an enterprise environment learning what it's capable of and what it's not capable of, and how it integrates with other products will help you immensely.

Watch sample videos with demos on installing and configuring Horizon View formerly known as VMware View.

Here are some study notes in PDF (made from the Beta version of the VCAP-DTD) from Beckett's Blog prepared by Chris Beckett, a VCAP-DTD certified Technical Support Engineer at Salford Software (Novell, Microsoft, and Sun Partner).

Exam format:

The exam is mostly made up of multiple-choice questions. Some of the questions could ask you to match up items from two columns. For example it might ask you to match up Business requirements in Column A) with Product features in column B). There are also some diagram questions that test your ability to create a physical or logical design using a "Visio-like" tool.

The content of the exam covers practically all the features of View and ThinApp. Be prepared to answer questions on designing a vSphere infrastructure.

For more "insider" tips on preparing for the VCAP-DTD exam go to Knudt Blog.

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