CSS Cross-browser Compatibility — A 1 day course

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A 1-day Advanced CSS Training Course in Bulletproof Web Design

Making Advanced CSS More Reliable

This advanced CSS training course enables experienced web designers to tackle and overcome the tricky problems which can make advanced CSS web design difficult to implement in a cost-effective manner. Delegates will learn to diagnose, resolve and/or work around the most common problems, bugs, and browser incompatibilities encountered in advanced CSS web design. Expert instruction on these challenges is accompanied by best practice advice on how to create elegant, managable and affordable CSS in timely fashion.

Advanced CSS Course Background

The W3C’s (CSS standards) have been more successful than many people expected. So succesful, that practically all new web design (other than HTML-formatted email) is done primarily in CSS. Sites that have successfully separated CSS design (from HTML-encoded content and mark-up) have reaped the promised rewards: faster, cleaner, SEO-friendlier, more accessible and more managable web design.

But two big challenges remain:

Unfortunately, the world’s most popular family of web browsers (Internet Explorer) has proved a major obstacle in meeting both of these challenges. IE8 (released March 2009) was the first version of IE on Windows which conformed with CSS2's most basic requirement, i.e. that designers should be able to override default browser styles using only CSS. And that release (11 years after CSS2) barely signalled the ‘beginning of the end’ of the problem:

In short, anyone who wishes to deploy advanced CSS web design techniques needs to know how to make designs work (or at least gracefully degrade) on IE browsers that don't fully support CSS — and on browsers which do. Having several — per browser — alternative designs is not a cost-effective option. A very small sample of CSS techniques that can have problems with IE6-IE8:

This advanced CSS training course is designed primarily to help experienced web designers deploy these (and many more) techniques easily and reliably, by identifying:

Advanced CSS Course Delivery

This advanced CSS training course is delivered through a mix of tutor instruction, discussion and hands-on practical work.

The amount of hands-on work depends greatly on the membership of the training group, but the proportion of time devoted to exercises is typically lower than it would be in a beginners class. There are however plenty of exercises for those who learn better that way.

In most cases, experienced designers prefer to cover as much ground as possible, using extensive questions and discussion to clarify techniques which they can experiment with at work or at home.

Suitable For

Experienced web designers

Experienced web developers “Hands-on the code” usability, accessibility, and SEO practitioners


Successful completion of our basic CSS training course (CSS Fundamentals) — or equivalent CSS training and/or hands-on experience Successful completion of our basic HTML training course (Website Design Using HTML and XHTML Standardsor equivalent HTML training and/or hands-on experience

Note: If you are unsure about whether your existing CSS skills, knowledge or experience meet these criteria, please contact GBdirect and ask to speak with the tutor.

You can test the syntactical accuracy of your HTML/XHTML by running your pages through the W3C’s online HTML and CSS validators.

Publicly scheduled dates, locations, and prices

A schedule of dates for this subject is not currently available. Please call 0333 210 0140 or use our contact form to enquire about places and availability.


Advanced CSS: Designing for Diversity by Managing Box Models

Advanced CSS: Standard vs. IE Float Models

Advanced CSS: IE’s hasLayout Property — The Hidden Source of Most Problems

Advanced CSS: Common Problems, Bugs and Fixes

Positioning and Auto Dimensions

An optional extra module — if time allows