CSS Fundamentals — A 2 day course

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This CSS training course covers the fundamentals of CSS web design through expert tuition and hands-on exercises.

The course teaches delegates how to deliver identical, visually appealing, content to different browsers, applications, platforms, and devices, using Cascading Stylesheets (CSS).

On completion of this basic CSS training course delegates should be able to understand and apply core CSS, i.e. those parts of CSS1, CSS2 and CSS2.1 which are implemented in all modern web browsers.

Delegates are encouraged to follow CSS best practice and adhere closely to web standards, so that they continue to hone their skills after the course, rather than merely accumulating experience.

This CSS course is delivered through hands-on exercises, backed up by expert tuition in fundamental principles and best coding practice.

Students are asked to test their CSS on a range of browsers (including non-graphical browsers) and test suites. The GUI tools provided for editing and testing give prompts, diagnostic feedback, and helpful information.

While this CSS course is designed to meet the needs of delegates who use WYSIWYG editors (e.g. Dreamweaver, InDesign, FrontPage, etc.) or Content Management Systems (CMS), hand coding is encouraged. The primary goal of hand coding is educational, i.e. to ensure that delegates acquire a good understanding of the logic behind CSS and not mere routines or recipes. This should, in turn, ensure that delegates are able to adapt WYSIWYG tools to their needs of their websites, rather than vice versa.

Delegates are provided with pre-prepared HTML templates, content and sample solutions for exercises, where appropriate, i.e. where they speed up progress without detracting from essential learning experience.

Suitable For

Web site designers

Web developers

Communications, marketing and design professionals who want to:

Produce more accessible sites using CSS

Produce more usable sites using CSS

Produce search engine optimised (SEO) sites using CSS

This course is suitable for people with limited CSS experience and those with no CSS experience at all.

Delegates with previous CSS experience will not have produced CSS-only page layouts, e.g.


A good understanding of HTML or XHTML

Graphic ambition — actual talent is not required!

Willingness to unlearn outdated HTML formatting

Willingness to hand code HTML and CSS

Publicly scheduled dates, locations, and prices

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Getting Started with CSS

CSS Boxes and CSS Selectors

Text Formatting in CSS

More CSS Selectors and Selection

CSS Positioning

More on CSS Page Layout

Cascade, Precedence, Specificity and Inheritance in CSS

CSS Layers and Translucency

Using CSS in the Real World