HTML5 Essentials — A 1 day course

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This HTML5 training course is a 1-day introduction to the essential HTML5 features which all web designers and web developers need to know.

For web designers, this training course provides an introduction to all the non-programming features of HTML 5 and functions as a bridge to our forthcoming courses in advanced web design using CSS3, SVG and Multimedia.

This HTML5 training course explains the purpose of the new markup, shows you how to implement it in current browsers, how to support legacy browsers and offers best practice advice on when and how to implement evolving parts of the HTML5 standard.

This HTML5 training course also provides a brief overview of the key HTML5 programming interfaces and some hands-on practice with features like HTML5 video, canvas and simple JavaScript-based interactivity.

Successful completion of this HTML5 training course is a prerequisite for our course in web application programming using HTML5. The writer and trainer for this course has been building websites since 1993, promoting interactivity and developing web standards from their earliest days.

Suitable For

Anyone building or planning to build HTML5-based websites and HTML5-based web applications, e.g.


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Introduction and HTML5 Overview

New and Modified Markup in HTML5

HTML5 Audio and Video

HTML5 Forms and Scripting

HTML5 Canvas and Other Interactive Graphic Techniques