JavaScript Web Development Foundation — A 3 day course

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The JavaScript Web Development course provides a core understanding of the JavaScript programming language and supporting libraries.

In a practical, hands-on environment, delegates work with JavaScript in a browser environment to compose and manipulate web aspects and components using a variety of techniques.

The delegate will practice:


Delegates will gather a core understanding of the practical application of the JavaScript language and common libraries in a web context. The core of the language is the main concern, introducing the major features of web programming such as the DOM, browsers, user interaction and working in a browser environment in order to provide a grounding in the major aspects of JavaScript web development.

Suitable For

Web Developers and Designers that require a core understanding of the use of JavaScript in web development.


Attendance of Web Development Foundation course or equivalent knowledge.

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Course Introduction

Introduction to JavaScript Web Development

Language Structure

Datatypes and Values

Variables, Operators and Expressions

JavaScript Control Structures

Objects and Arrays

JavaScript Functions

Introduction to Regular Expressions

Browser-Based JavaScript

JavaScript Tools

JavaScript Extras