Programming with Javascript — A 4 day course

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From the simplest webpage to complex Enterprise scale web applications Javascript is an essential skill for any developer or designer.

This course takes an in-depth look, from first principles in how to effectively program Javascript through to best practices for large scale reusable code libraries.

Whether you are new to programing and need to learn how to wrangle the powerful and flexible language or you are an experienced Object Orientated programmer, who needs to understand why and how to use Javascript you will find this course an essential resource.


Delegates attending this course will obtain knowledge of:

Suitable For

Developers and designers looking to understand and effectively use Javascript


Students must be familiar with HTML and CSS with around six months experience and a skill set equivalent to Building an Effective Web Site. Some familiarity with programming would be beneficial and we recommend Programming Foundations to new developers.

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Introduction to Javascript


Flow of Control

Functions, Arrays and Objects

Error Handling and Debugging



The Browser Object Model

Event Handling

Forms and Regular Expressions

Timers and Asynchronous programing

Functions and Closures

Object Orientated Javascript


Cross Browser Development

Modular design, minification and Obfuscation

Introducing jQuery