Website Usability Essentials — A 1 day course

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This is a short course teaching website usability through the application of engineering principles to web site design. Its primary objective is enable organisations to formulate and implement a web site strategy which will raise their website's productivity well above the norm.

This web site usability training course is inspired by, and organised around a critical reading of Jakob Nielson's book, Designing Web Usability, New Riders, 2000.

The course is, however, written and delivered by a team of experienced web site design professionals, with their own perspectives on technical good practice and commercial feasibility.

The emphasis of this course is on discovery, discussion and evaluation of the technologies and concepts involved rather than on practical/craft skills.

Suitable For

Web site design professionals who want attract more visitors to their web site and convert a higher proportion of those visitors into paying customers.

Technical managers and commercial directors who want to know why their web site is under-performing and how to dramatically raise its return on investment, through the pragmatic application of web usability techniques.

Web site content providers and editors who want to build usability methods into their everyday practice.


Introduction to web site usability

Page design issues in web usability

Content issues in web site usability

Navigation and searching in web site usability

Web usability testing

Intranets, accessibility, internationalisation and usability