Website Accessibility Fundamentals — A 2 day course

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This website accessibility training course focuses on the practical problems that UK website designers (and web developers) need to overcome in order to meet web accessibility standards set by the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and the Disability Rights Commission (Under the Discrimination Act - DDA).

This course tries not to take sides in ideological debates about what constitutes ‘true’ website accessibility and for whom; although it does provide considerable detail on the different requirements of different disability groups.

Instead, the course explains the technical options for achieving specified accessibility goals, and the practical consequences of choosing one path over another. Where there are tensions or contradictions between various goals and options, the course provides best practice advice on the costs and benefits of different methods for balancing them.

The website accessibility goals around which the course is organised are largely those outlined in the WCAG, in the Disability Rights Commission’s Code of Practice for websites, and in well-known reports by voluntary bodies like the RNIB.

Suitable For

Web designers

Web developers

Web usability consultants

HR managers and other managers concerned with web accessibility compliance


A basic understanding of HTML/XHTML and CSS

Somewhat more than basic computer literacy

An interest in web accessibility

An open mind

Note: Although web design skills are distinctly advantageous, delegates are not expected to have advanced knowledge of, or be highly skilled in, hand-coding HTML/CSS.

The first and final requirements are only listed here, because good web accessibility sometimes conflicts with popular (mis)conceptions about what web design is and how it should be practiced.

The vast majority of the course modules include hands-on exercises, which offer delegates the opportunity to practice and experiment with the techniques discussed by the tutor.

Introductory modules on the first morning are largely informative, rather than technical, in nature. As a consequence, they typically conclude with whole class discussion rather than practical exercises.

Publicly scheduled dates, locations, and prices

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Assistive technologies

Web Accessibility and UK Law

W3C Web Accessibility Initiative

HTML Markup and Web Accessibility

CSS Styling and Web Accessibility

Accessible Images and Imaging

Accessible Links and Navigation

Text and Colour

HTML Tables


Multimedia & scripting

Certification and Testing

Coming and Future Options