Introduction to XML for Developers — A 3 day course

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XML has become popular as a way of representing, transmitting and storing data in a platform and application independent format. This course provides an in-depth introduction to what XML is, how it is structured, and how to use it.

This is a hands on course with about 30 to 40% of the course time devoted to hands on exercises. These exercises will not involve programming, but, rather the use of Altova's XML-Spy tool for creation of XML documents, DTDs, and for experimenting with XPath, XPointer and XSLT stylesheets.

Suitable For

Developers who want to know how XML works: how to create XML documents, how to validate them, and how to transform them using stylesheets.



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XML Foundations

Namespaces in XML

Document Validation with DTDs

Document Validation with XML Schema