GBdirect Training Trading Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the standard terms and conditions for the supply of training services are as described below. Our Standard Terms and Conditions also apply.

Items in parentheses and marked N.B. are for information only and do not form part of our trading Terms and Conditions for Training.


Customers are responsible for ensuring that the backgrounds of delegates are suitable for the training course that they are attending. GBdirect will not be liable for any refund in the case where delegates do not meet the course prerequisites.

In no circumstances will GBdirect be liable to refund any amount in excess of the agreed fee for the training course in question. This applies in particular (but is not limited) to any travelling, subsistence or consequential expenses incurred by delegates.

Suitably qualified delegates may be substituted at any time prior to the start of the course. (N.B. Unless we know the names of delegates five working days in advance, it may not be possible to provide attendance certificates at the end of the training course. Efforts will be made to provide them as soon as possible after the course completes.)


Bookings will only be accepted if:


Once a booking has been received by us, cancellation terms apply. Please see the terms and conditions that accompanies training booking forms for details.

Public Training

Course fees cover the cost of training materials and books supplied by us, use of appropriate facilities, lecturer's time, refreshments and any room or equipment rental we undertake. Where relevant, examination fees and other related expenses will be charged to delegates if agreed in advance.

Public courses may be undertaken using portable equipment such as laptop computers and may be in rented accommodation such as a hotel conference rooom or similar. Customers agree that they understand and accept this and shall advise GBdirect if this is likely to be inappropriate for the delegate(s) concerned.

Provision of lunch and other subsistence requirements are the responsibility of the delegates.

Unless a credit agreement is in place between GBdirect and The Customer, payment for training is due in advance; delegates will not be permitted to enter the classroom if payment has been not been made. The cancellation terms above shall apply in any case.

In-House (Onsite) Training

(N.B. Customers are advised to read the In-House Guidelines when booking In-House courses in addition to these Terms and Conditions.)

Customers are responsible for ensuring that equipment and software suitable for the conduct of the course is supplied in accordance with the course requirements.